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Blog post 1 - Sept. 18th 2017

For this blog update, the 4th grade focused on the monthly Jewish values. September's value is "Repentance and Return". Each of the children wrote about what it means to them, and how they have used it in their lives.


"Repentence and Return means saying "I apologize" or "I am sorry." Return means, to give back what was stolen. In my life, what I have done wrong, is I have hurt my little sister by pinching her. to make it up, I said I was sorry, and gave her a lollipop."


"This monthly middot means to give Repentance to the person you did bad to. I once drew a fake mustache on my sister's picture. & later I gave repentance by saying sorry to G-d and to my sister."


"Repentance and Return our Jewish value this month means to say sorry to G-d and to people. A time that I Repented I just came back from a store and my sister got candy. I stole half of her candy. She got so mad She stole all of my money. I wrote her a letter and she apologized to me too!"


"What I think Repentance and return means is that after you hurt someone or take something that is not yours you should say sorry and give them the thing you stole. One of my personal connections is when I was five a stole a super cool lego from my friend and I had kept it four weeks but one day I remembered the lego set and I gave him another little lego set and I said sorry."


"Repentance means that when you do something wrong you must say sorry and say you will not do that again. And return means that if you took something you need to return it. For example once I was playing with a friend and we were playing ball and I cheated when she was looking away. for Repentance and Return. I said sorry and I let her get 2 turns at throwing the ball."


"Repentance and Return means to say sorry to G-d and the person you hurt. What I had to say sorry about is when I cut my moms couch 4 years ago. I felt bad about it because my moms counch was so old and worth 300 dollars."


"This Jewish middot means when you repent you meant it and you won't do it again. A time I did something wrong was when I woke my parents up and it was the weekend. & then I repented to my parents by letting them sleep in on the weekend and week."