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Blog Post 1- October 11th 2017

History Class Reflection

In Mrs. Zona's class, we have taken one of the most important lessons that anyone ever learns in their education. The event that I'm referring to is the American Revolutionary War. Since this is the creation of our country, we have gone into detail studying specific events; before, during and after. To study this, we used two textbooks, took lots of notes and several tests, and read a book on the subject.

We started this unit by reading about what happened that led up to the war. We studied how Britain stopped the colonies from moving West and taxed them several times. After this, some Patriots attacked some British soldiers in the street, and the British fought back. For the next few years, the colonists spread propaganda to get supporters. After this, the “Boston Tea Party”, the first shots at Lexington and Concord, and of course, the signing of the “Declaration of Independence” took place.

Mrs. Zona expressed why the colonists were so mad, by taxing us students in the classroom, with classroom currency. We (just like the colonists) made protests and did lots of smuggling behind her back. It was a very interesting experience, and at that point we saw why the colonists rebelled.

When we got into the war itself, we did lots of studies on how the war switched from “an easy conflict to solve” for the British side, to a victory for the Continental Army. This happened through a series of events, the most prominent being Saratoga. This made the Americans have the advantage in the war, and even more importantly, made France decide to support the Americans. The final major battle of the war was at Yorktown, which convinced the British to sign The Treaty of Paris. We worked on this by doing lots of reading and Cornell Notes.

As we studied passages about the Revolution, we read the historical fiction novel Johnny Tremain. The book follows a Bostonian during the time of conflict. Our class loved seeing what an apprentice in that time would look like. We took a lot of notes, tests, and in the end we also watched the Disney movie interpretation. It was a very good book, and my class recommends it.


When we finished the entire unit, we put up a bulletin-board on the subject. We started by making little cards for each event leading up to the Revolution, or “The Road to the Revolution”, and we are currently putting marks on to a map to show the major battles of the war, and marking who wins it. We are starting to go into the creation if the country, and writing the Constitution. It has been a very good unit and I learned a lot from it.