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Blog Post 2- October 3rd 2017

This week, the kids shared their favorite subjects and topics they've covered over this year so far.

They do a lot of hard work, but they also have a lot of fun!























"My favorite things to learn in school are math, and in math I like to learn about decimals. The reason I like decimals is because I had trouble with them before.

Another subject I like is Science. What I like in science is learning about cells because 'they're' interesting and before I didn't know what the vacoule was."




"Do you know what your favorite subject in school so far is? Well my two favorite things are P.E., and Writing in English Language Arts.
P.E. because we get to learn new games like zombies vs Humans and even 'Badminton'.
I also like Writing because Mrs. O projects a random picture from the internet and we need to make a story from the picture."






















"My two favorite subjects are P.E. because I like doing active stuff like soccer and baseball.

The other thing I like is math because I am naturally talented at math and I like doing the games and doing the speed multiplication drills."


"-My favorites-
My favorite thing I have learned so far is science because science was Dennise's favorite subject in school, and I have been interested in it for a long time.
I also like math because it is similar ro science, and it includes fun and educational games."


"My most two favorite things in school so far are science because Mr. T gives me and my friends super fun tests in the labs, about what we learn each week.
The second most favorite thing is math because I love doing speed multiplication race drills, and the best learning games ever!"


"My two favorite things in the school year so far are Science and E.L.A. In Science, we are doing a science projects, where we have a question, and we are researching our question to find answers. We are also learning about plant cells and animal cells.
English Language Arts is also my favorite because Mrs. O teaches us better words in our writing, for example, instead of 'said' you should use, exclaimed, replied, and repeated etc..."


"My favorite period is language arts because I get to learn how to make stories and we play games involving language arts.
I also like science because I get to learn about cells. I also get to do a report about paremicium."