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Blog Post 3- March 28th 2018

Our Younger students shared with us what they thought about the Physics Circus, their favorite things, and what they learned!


“I liked hitting the smoke garbage can because I wanted to hit cup off the head of the boy. Smoke got through the garbage can because there was a hole. The machine putted smoke in the garbage can.”

-Benny Hunter

Benny Picture


“One thing I learned was that when ice skaters in the Olympics cross their arms on their chests it makes them go faster. My favorite part was when they poured liquid nitrogen on the floor and little drops of liquid nitrogen went away from each other. Another thing I learned was that lightning can travel faster than an avalanche.”

-Dalya Berg


liquid nitrogen


“I learned you can make your hair go up if you rub a balloon on it. My favorite part was when they used liquid nitrogen to freeze a banana.”

-Miriam Davidoff


Van de Graaf


“One thing I learned was that when you put something on liquid nitrogen it gets hard and cold. I liked when they had a big machine and they had a small machine. When the people pressed something something happened! The small machine shot electricity.”

-Jack Berg


small Tesla Coil


“I learned that liquid nitrogen is colder than a freezer. I also learned that if you rub a balloon on your hair, that when you put it over your head after that it will make your hair stick straight up. My favorite parts were when they stuck a banana in liquid nitrogen and showed us you could use it as a hammer. They also showed us that if you put your arms and hands in you will go faster and that if you put your hands out you will go slower. I also liked it when they rubbed the balloon above Dalya’s hair and it made her hair go straight up. I also liked it when they showed us that we have just enough heat in our body to turn on tiny lights.”

-Hana Berg



“I liked the Tesla Coil because it made a lot of noise and electricity! And the smoke cannon which was able to shoot the cup off my head.”

-Eyal Adi

smoke cannon