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Blog Post 4- March 28th 2018

The 5th and 6th grade were grouped with the 8th grade, so they got to hear a more in-depth explanation of the experiments and see some that the younger kids didn't have time for.


Van de Graaf chain


“The spinning stand because I like spinning, and the nitrogen cloud because my dad is a physics major and he does that at home.”

-Mady Hunter


spinning wheel


“I’m so glad that you decided to include the Tesla Coil. I enjoyed seeing the ‘lightning’ spurt out. The learning experience was once in a lifetime, I hope you will come back to the school another time so new people can attend this great experience.

Best wishes,

-Mara Rosendorf”


Potato Clock


“At the Physics Circus my favorite experiment was the liquid nitrogen and when they added hot water.”

-Noa Cohen




“I enjoyed the experiments with the liquid nitrogen and I also liked the air cannon and I want one of my own.”

-Ari Ribault


smoke cannon
liquid nitrogen