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Blog Post 5- February 23rd 2018

Animal Bombardment

By: Yosef

I heard a crash I stormed up out of bed. My alarm clock read 2:00 A.M. I nervously tiptoed toward the noise and there it was. I couldn’t believe my eyes! There was a huge puma and a grown male javelina! I noticed the puma was chasing the javelina and the front door was broken. Then the wind closed the door and the door got jammed. The puma saw mw and tried to eat me! I ran into my room and locked the door. I could hear the pumas razer sharp claws scratching on the door. But then I noticed hoof prints in my room and I saw the javelina! There was a 30 pound toothy pig chasing me! Then I ran upstairs and saw a buck on the upstairs patio. There was a bighorn sheep in the guest room and a rattle snake under the bed! It tried to bite me but it missed. Then the big horn sheep charged at me and sent me flying to the bathroom there was an aggressive coyote so I jumped out of the bathroom and went down stairs. I finally unlocked the door and led all the animals out with some tasty meat and veggies.


The Task (Dun Dun Dun!)

By: Shalom

Once there was a princess named Moaana who ruled with her mother and father the kingdom of the underworld. When Moaana turned 12 she had to go to the normal world. She had to find 3 keys in 3 sharks mouths without getting killed. In order to do this she had to recite a spell to stop the sharks. When she got there, she saw 3 sharks. The leader was Capitan Timmy the tango salsa bob, His brothers were Salsa, and Bob. As they tried to eat her, she recited the spell that turned the brothers into chickens and got the keys out of their mouths. When she opened the 3 boxes they all said the same thing: YOU PASSED! Come back home saying, “Loco Lasa Ding Dam Da. Bring me home Fa La La, La, La, La! When she finished saying the spell she safely came home.


The Disappointing Dream

By: Lia

One night there was a girl named Amanda who was going to bed. Once Amanda closed her eyes she suddenly saw trees blowing in the hard wind but no leaves. Just the branches swinging in the frightful wind. Then she saw a house with no protective roof. Beside the house was a little poor looking girl with tears running down her face and with her eyelashes so wet, it was like she just came out of a swimming pool. Then Amanda understood her dream a little bit more. The poor looking girls parents died in a storm and now she’s on her own. The girl was walking in giant steps because the wind was pulling her back, and blowing in her face. There was no one not even a single plant of any kind only the wind. Weeks later she found herself in an orphanage where she got scrumptious food, shelter, and special friends. From that day on she lived a better life.


The Crazy cat and the cat from mars


I heard a crash I stormed up out of bed and my alarm clock read 2:00 A.M. I nervously tiptoed toward the noise and there it was I couldn’t believe my eyes! The cat from mars came back but next to him was the crazy cat. I couldn’t believe it! They were twins like Clayton and I. The cay from mars a big furry cat with big bulging brown eyes and human looking teeth. The crazy cat looked the same. I wondered how they got here so I looked up and there was a rocket ship the size of two cats. I wanted them to stay but they couldn’t so I said they can go. Surprisingly they teleported into the ship and blasted off into space. Instead of fire little meteors came out of the rocket ship and they blasted off into space.



By: Lacey

One day I woke up and looked out the window. To my surprise I saw my house was floating! I quickly ran to my door and there were horns sticking out of the floor! I gave one a tug and it did not move! I put some rubber gloves on but it did not work! Then the horns went down until they were gone and for some reason I started to float and crashed down to Earth. I looked outside and saw a giant purple foot! I went outside, looked up and saw a giant purple and yellow MONSTER!!! I ran as fast as I could! It was no use. I ran almost a mile and the monster got me! I squirmed and kicked and punched but the monster started talking! It told me to calm down and that it was not going to hurt me. It told me it’s name was Lacey. I told her that was my name too! After that we became best-friends-forever!


No Treasure!

By: Clayton

Once upon a time there was a man looking for a treasure, so he went to Timmy’s house. The problem is there was an oversized dog named Timmy, and he was guarding his treasure. The dog looked like a big, brown, bulldog. There was a man and his name is Jimmy. Timmy’s cave was in the mountains of Israel. So Jim went to Tim’s cave, and once he got there he snuck to the treasure. He got it but when he took the treasure out of the vault Jim stepped on a tripwire that triggered an alarm after that Tim woke up and chased him out of his cave. Just then Jimmy found out that he had a treat and he threw it then Timmy chased it, an hour later, Jimmy looked in the chest but there was No Treasure!


Déjà vu!

By: Galilea

Once upon a time lived two nine yr. old girls named Galilea and Lia. They were at the playground and found two watches. Both of them put one on. They day they had a sleepover at home. When they woke up they couldn’t believe their eyes. They were about to go on the Jurassic park ride in Universal Studios! First, they were in a little boat with some random people. They were in the jungle, when Galilea turned around she screamed “Ahh!” there were dinosaurs everywhere! “Calm down, this is only the beginning of the terrible drop Tun tun tun”, she said very creepily. “Galilea” they heard someone say. “Do you hear that?” said Lia. “Yes” Galilea said. Right before the big drop they both woke up and had the same dream Two seconds later their moms said “We’re going to Universal Studios!” “Dejavu!” Galilea and Lia said at the same time. It was the best day ever! Two weeks later they figured out it was the two watches!