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Blog Post 6- March 28th 2018

The 4th grade was captivated by the demonstrations! They all listened and absorbed everything the presenters told them! I think we may have some future Scientists among us!




“I really liked the spinning wheel because it was interesting how it looks so slow but when you get on it, it is so fast.”

-Lia Cohen


Lazy Susan and Wheel


“The part I likes the best in the physics circus is the part with the electric thing. Why I liked that part is because it was loud and it gave me a new idea on what to do for my next science fair. And the Tesla Coil was amazing.”

-James Barde


Tesla Coil


“One of the things I liked was the Tesla Coil because it was shooting electricity.”

-Yosef Davidoff


Making the Potato clock work


“I liked everything in the Physics Circus, especially the Tesla coil! Thank you, I hope you come again!”

-Galilea Briones

Van de Graaf


“The parts that I liked about the Physics Circus were the spinning wheel, and the Tesla Coil because even though I screamed, I was exhilarated!”

-Shalom Sosa


spinning with weights


“I liked the smoke gun because I got to shoot it and get shot by it.”

-Lacey Olson


smoke cannon


“One thing that I enjoyed at the physics circus was the Tesla coil because it was interesting to see it give electricity to the gas in the fluorescent light. I also liked the smoke cannon because it was so simple but did something so cool.”

-Clayton Barde

Tesla Coil and Light Bulb