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EPJA Alumni Information

Dear EPHDS/EPJA Alumni,

Thank you for liking us on Facebook. We are so very happy to be better able to keep in touch with our Alumni through the use of technology that is now readily available. Our goal for the future is to reunite all of the EPHDS/EPJA Alumni at a large event that is still in the planning stages at this point.

At this point we are hoping to begin updating all of our Alumni files and we hope that you will be willing to contribute to this process, so that we can better keep all of our Alumni up-to-date on the happenings at the EPJA, as well as keep track of what our Alumni is up to in their lives after the EPHDS/EPJA.

Please help by filling out our simple Alumni Information form below.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thank you!

Elizabeth Montes
Head of School

High School  

Where did you graduate from High School?


What College did you graduate from?


What was your major in college?


If you have a Masters/PHD/Doctoral degree what is it in?


Were you in a Fraternity or Sorority? 


What is your current profession?


What Synagogue do you belong to?

Jewish Day School  

Do or Did your children attend a Jewish Day School?


Who was in your class at the EPJA/Hebrew Day School?

Schools Influence  

How did the EPJA/El Paso Hebrew Day School help shape your life?

Jewish Involvement  

Tell us how you are currently involved in your local and national/international Jewish community.


Are you involved in other community organizations? If so, which ones?