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Teaching Judaic & Secular

March 28, 2014

Teaching Judaic & Secular


How do you teach both Judaic & Secular Studies?


Approximately 25% of the day is dedicated to Judaic studies. Since various secular and Jewish subjects in our curriculum are, by design, carefully interwoven, many "secular" academic skills are being taught or reinforced during this “Judaics” time. Much of the Judaic curriculum is used as an opportunity to teach music, art, and community service in ways that help students connect intimately with their heritage and Jewish values while developing specific skills. Similarly, the Judaic curriculum is expertly used to reinforce learning in other disciplines, from humanities all the way to math and science. This represents one of the great values of a Jewish day school education, and one of the reasons why high schools and universities seek out day school students for admission.



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August 19, 2018 10:03 PM

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