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March 28, 2014

Transitioning to High School


How will my child transition to High School?


Our alumni tell a wonderful success story in this regard. They say that because their self- confidence, self-esteem, and academic skills were on such firm ground, they easily transitioned into a larger environment. They kept their EPJA friends, but felt comfortable and confident enough to branch out. Also, our students have learned from first grade on to respect those whom we perceive as different from ourselves. Because we have students of all different social, economic, and racial backgrounds, there isn't any “culture shock.” Finally, our students' lives do not just revolve around their school. Our students are involved in activities such as youth groups, clubs and sports teams that broaden their horizons and prepare them for the "bigger" world. One alumnus shared, "EPJA gave me life long friends and helped me identify with my heritage. It gave me a strong foundation for who I was and I am able to carry that with me wherever I go." Another alumnus commented, "Every one of my graduating classmates went on to high school to thoroughly enjoy and incorporate themselves into the social scene. At the same time, we did not lose touch with each other, even though we branched out into different peer groups.”



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July 15, 2018 10:01 PM

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