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Mother's Day

What is special about your mom?


Yosef Davidoff

"My mother is caring, loving, and is very smart.

She is caring because when we get hurt she goes as fast as she can to help us.

My mom is loving because she loves to give us the healthiest thing like non-gmo, organic and gluten free.

My mom is intelligent because if I don’t know something she teaches me it.

Those are my reasons why I love my mom."



Shalom Sosa

"My mom is the most hardworking mom in the world! Ever since I was born, my mom needed to work until 1:00 am. So I always had to stay with my grandma. Even though she worked alot, she always made time for me. For example, she showed me how to walk. She was loving enough to videotape it! She is very helpful by helping me and teaching me how to do the laundry and homework. She is incredibly generous to everyone. When I am hurt, she will do whatever it takes to help me. Everything she does she puts all her effort into it. I am so lucky to have a mom like her!"



Galilea Briones

"What I love most about my loving mother is that she’s honest, caring, and she has a big heart of gold. She tells me whatever is right and whenever I’m wrong she grounds me. She even brings me tacos and burritos whenever she goes to Juarez, Mexico and they are delish!

My mommy is loving because whenever I go to camp or sleepover she always calls me and asks me, “Did you brush your teeth and shower, do you miss me, are you ok, and I love you!”

I know that my mom is honest because whenever I do something wrong, she tells me and it never hurts because it is “tough love”!

I could never wish for anyone better than having somebody like her who takes care of me and much more!

Happy Mother’s Day!"



James Barde

"What I love most about my mom is she helps make dinner. She watches over my sister, Clayton and me. My mom also helps clean the house and she even started a garden! Another thing my mom does is she keeps our two pets, a cat and a dog. When we just moved in our house, we just sat around but my mom said to do work. She told us what to do, and we finished in about one month. My mom helped organize my room and put it together. My mom is an awesome mother and without her, the house would be a total disaster. She is the best mom ever!"



Clayton Barde

"My mom is the most spectacular mom in the universe! Three things I love most about my mom is that she is caring, thoughtful, and helpful. She is thoughtful because if I need help with homework she puts time and effort into helping me. If I want help cleaning my room, she will then come and help me. My mom is helpful because she makes dinner, helps with dishes, does laundry, and helps maintain three children. Finally, my mom is caring because when I’m feeling blue, she will walk into my room and talk to me to help me feel better."

Can you believe she does all this?

She really is the best mom in the universe."



Lacey Olson

"I love my mom because she gets me a treat for when I have four good weeks in a row without any bad days. Whenever I am physically or emotionally (hurt) my mom takes care of me and asks what happened. To sum it all up, my mom is the best mom in the whole wide world!"



Lia Cohen

"My mother is the best! She is loving, full of advice and delight. She makes my hair every morning. She takes me on new adventures almost everyday. It’s like she’s my best friend! My mom is loving because she tucks me in my warm bed. She gives me advice by telling me if something is right or wrong. She makes me laugh with her funny jokes. She pays for me to be in a wonderful school. She takes me and my sister to the movies to watch some of the best movies and she pays for my soccer, and art classes. I am so grateful to have a mom like her!"