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Mother's Day

How has your mom helped you become who you are today?

Mara Rosendorf

"She just has, love you mom <3

She has helped me with academics, decisions, religious, life, and feelings. She has always given me love and support. Through all our ups and downs she always makes me feel better. Without my mom I would not be who I am today. I love you mom!"


Mady Hunter

"She has made me a better person. She has picked me up when I missed my dad. I love my mom because she always teaches me right over wrong. She has taught me to become a better Jew. I love my mom because she teaches me more than I would learn at school."


Ari Ribault

"My mom has helped me with lots of things. She has helped me with lots of schoolwork and other things. I have learned many things from her. I love my mom for many reasons."


Noa Cohen

"My mom has said and done a lot for me. From the very beginning she knew I was going to be strong, brave, and independent. She names me Noa, because in the Torah a woman named Noa fought for women's rights and confronted Moses. She’s taught me life lessons, and she has also said so much with all of our family history. I’ve learned a lot that helps me through life and my decisions. She always helps me be a better person by teaching me how to talk to others and how to defend myself properly. To me she is the prettiest most wonderful and marvellous person in my world. Even though I don’t like how she teaches me all of the things I’ve said, I appreciate and listen to them silently. I love her very much and appreciate everything she does for me. She is caring, loving, and truly an angel. I love her to infinity."