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Mother's Day

What do you love most about your mom?


Benny Hunter

"Like we ride bikes, Ima and I like to play catch, and I ride my bike and sometimes my mom says “if you want to ride your bike then you have to stay on it”. She feeds me and I’m a hungry machine. She takes me to school, kisses me goodnight, and tucks me in. I love her so much."


Dalya Berg

"My mommy is special because she encourages me to do good things in life. I love her because she loves me and is nice. I don’t want any other mommy but her because she is the best mommy in the whole world! My mommy is super beautiful too. She is a wonderful mommy because she makes me good food and buys me pretty clothes that I like to wear. I wish my mommy would live for a very long time and has a very happy life."


Miriam Davidoff

"I love my mommy because she is special by being super smart. She takes care of me by giving me food, keeping me safe, giving me a home, and clothes. She is unique and angelic. When I over sleep she wakes me up. I wouldn’t trade any other mother for her. Oh I just want to add I love M-o-m-m-y!!!"


Hana Berg

"My mom is special because she feeds me wonderful food. My mom is also special because she takes care of me by keeping me healthy and warm. My mom is special because she loves me a lot. My mom is also special because she gives me beautiful and comfortable clothes. My mom could never ever be replaced. The most important reason is because she is the best in the whole world!"


Eyal Adi

"She gives me food, she takes me to soccer, and she loves me."


Jack Berg

"I love my mom because she makes sure I’m healthy. I also love her because she takes care of me by giving me clothes, food, water, and shelter. I also love her because she does fun activities with me. She’s the best in the wild west."